Aruba is one of the keys to longevity

This article explains precisely why Aruba, as a Place of Positive Power, is the most re-visited island in the World and why it is attracting more and more people:

Epigenetics is a branch of genetics that studies how our behavior and environment affect the way our genes work.

In practice, this means that our social environment, diet and nutrition, and physical activity change the way the body reproduces cells that affect the functioning of all organs.

Molecular microbiologist Bruce Lipton devoted 23 years to epigenetics and with a group of other scientists discovered the influence of a person’s thoughts on his DNA. As a result, for the next 20 years Bruce was free of disease and had no reason to seek medical attention. He is now 79 years old and feels great. So, what did they discover?

It is believed that it is our DNA that controls our behavior and emotions. However, upon further study, many contradictions arise. According to this theory, people are victims of circumstances. For example, if there is cancer in the family, people think that if they have these genes, they are likely to get cancer or Alzheimer’s or any other serious diseases. And people believe that they have no control over their lives because they can’t affect their DNA. And that creates fear because if someone in your family has a serious disease, your subconscious mind is prescribing information that there’s nothing you can do about it. By the way, this is still taught in biology and medicine departments all over the world. But it is not true.
Molecular biologists, epigeneticists and quantum physicists have proven the opposite in numerous experiments with stem cells. When a person looks in a mirror, he thinks he sees one being. In fact, this is an illusion, because the human body consists of about 50 trillion cells, each of which has its own individuality. And in that sense, the human body is a community of 50 trillion cells. That said, everyday billions of cells die as a result of natural aging, damage, and more. We lose hundreds of billions of cells every day, and the logical question is, if I lose that many cells every day, how long can I to stay alive?
And the answer is quite interesting. Along with the fact that we lose billions of cells, new billions of cells appear in return. And this process is non-stop every second.

Right now, as you are reading this, millions of old cells have died and millions of new cells have formed in their place. This process is accomplished by stem cells, or more specifically embryonic cells. Every human being has these cells and they are the cells that replace the old cells. These embryonic cells can become cells of anything. Cells for muscle, skin, bone, brain, and any other part of the body. The scientists took one stem cell and put it in a petri dish, and there it multiplied every hour. So after one hour there were already two cells and so on. By the end of the week, they had about 30,000 stem cells in the Petri dish. Recall that all of the cells came from one parent cell, but in the end there were 30,000 stem cells and they were all genetically identical because they came from the same parent.

The scientists then separated these cells and placed them in three different petri dishes. In the lab, the cells proliferate in a specific nutrient environment, a lab version of human blood. Each of these cups had a different composition of nutrient environment. The scientists created three types of synthesized human nutrient environments with slightly different chemistry and got different results. These experiments challenged the theory that our genes control us because initially identical cells suddenly began to develop differently and the reason the cells grew in different environments. These studies prove that it is not the genes that decide what grows, but the environment in which the cells grow.
It is the environment that determines the fate of the cell. As stated earlier, a human being is not one cell, but a set of 50 trillion cells under our skin. In a sense, a human being is a petri dish covered with skin. This begs the question, what is the nutrient environment? The answer is – our blood.

The next question, then, is this. Who or what in our body creates and determines the chemical composition of the blood?

The answer is our brain. It controls hormones, growth factors, chemical composition, nutrition, emotions and more. Okay, then the last but most important question. What is the chemical composition of the blood that the brain has to create for different groups or types of cells and how does this happen? As it turns out, the chemical composition of the blood depends on your state of consciousness. In other words, if you
change your consciousness, you change your blood chemistry. And that in turn will affect your genetic activity. This means that the predetermination of my cells depends not on genes, but on the picture in my head, and my brain translates this picture to my blood, and then to the whole physiology. 

The next discovery was about telomere length.

At the ends of the DNA spiral, there is a small extra piece called a Telomere. Each time cells multiply, the DNA strands get a little shorter. If you copy a cell many times and you no longer have telomeres, eventually there comes a point where the cell cannot repair the genetic code, and that’s where aging and disease begin. Biologists have estimated that because of repeated division and reproduction, human life should last about 100 years. However, Bruce and his team of scientists have discovered that there are enzymes that can increase the length of telomeres. If these enzymes are active, the number of telomeres doesn’t decrease, and we don’t lose that piece of DNA when the cell divides. In that case, the stem cell does not age and continues to reproduce and multiply. This is amazing. The enzyme that is responsible for maintaining telomere length is called telomerase and is only turned on under certain external conditions.
For example, if you are healthy, happy, joyful, telomerase is working and you can live longer. But if you are under stress, your brain receives information that you have big problems in your life and telomerase stops working and your life is shortened. But if you’re in a state of happiness, and joy and harmony, you can live 150 years or more.

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Why we then die so young? The answer is because our subconscious mind tells us that we are sick, weak, unhappy, nobody loves us, we are in constant stress, life is difficult, food is poisoned, the future is unknown and, therefore, telomeres shorten, we grow old and die. The secret to a long life is simple – be happy and enjoy your life.

However it is not so simple. The main problem lies in the subconscious mind. According to research, the conscious mind controls and manages only 5% of our lives. Only 5% of the time the conscious mind controls our behavior, moods, personality, desires, preferences, and dreams, while 95% of the time the subconscious mind is in control. When the conscious mind is busy with the thinking process, the subconscious mind takes control of everything.
And here’s where the problem lies. The way the subconscious mind runs our lives has been programmed by our parents and our immediate environment since we were children before the age of seven.

Based on a study by scientists, it’s estimated that 70 percent of these attitudes undermine self-confidence and sabotage a happy and joyful life. So, if 70% of the attitudes in our subconscious mind are negative and destructive information, you can imagine where we are headed. 95% of the time our life is controlled by our subconscious mind and most likely 70% of the time it is rolling into the abyss.
But it’s not all that sad.

We’re back to the discovery of molecular biologists. The conscious mind directly affects the chemistry of our blood, which is the nutrient, and this in turn affects genetics and thus 
we create our own future. You can believe that you are successful or unsuccessful and your success depends on it.

Henry Ford once said : “Whether you believe, you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

That is to say, belief is the key factor. Negative thinking can create any disease and can even lead you to death. If you believe you are dying, if you truly believe that, then you will die because your belief controls the biology of your body. Belief can be either positive or negative.

Only in the case of a negative effect it is not called a placebo, it is a target, and scientists have proven this.

With positive thinking we can get well, but with negative thinking we can drive ourselves to the grave. That’s the answer to why there are so many sick people around. Your life is a printout of your programs.

What to do? If you want to learn to play tennis, you practice and practice every day. Then, at some point, you are already doing it without prompting and without turning on your conscious mind. It becomes a habit. So it’s recorded in the subconscious mind, and it’s a new program. If you want to record a new pattern, you have to behave as if it is already true and do so many times until it becomes a habit.
Let’s say you are an unhappy person, in which case what should you do?

Any spare moment of time you have to say “I’m happy”. I’m happy. I’m happy. And you should do this every day. So you are writing new things into your subconscious mind through repetition. Yes, it looks like you’re faking it, but through repetition you turn it into a habit.
And the more you repeat, the sooner the moment will come when quantity will turn into quality.

And you will no longer need to repeat that you are happy, because you will truly be happy. Once the new program is in place, no more effort is required, and you don’t even have to think about it. The program will run automatically, and it is part of the 95% of the time that your subconscious mind runs your life. So, life is a printout of your programs. Let’s change the bad programs into good programs.

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