Protect yourself from harmful radiation with Neitronik™

Protect yourself from harmful radiation with Neitronik™

What is Neitronik™

Neitronik™ is a multi-layered passive thin-film antenna-screen designed to reduce the intensity of electromagnetic fields from all types of mobile phones, monitors, televisions, laptops, tablets, Wi-Fi routers, and microwave ovens.

When using Neitronik™, the workload on the human body does not translate into pathological conditions. Within 2-3 hours after finishing work with the emitting device, the human body recovers without any residual negative effects.

Neitronik™ 5GRS - reduces radiation by up to 90%

Neitronik™ EMF Family

Form-factor: antenna-shield, multilayered 

Operating frequency: works on frequencies above 450 MHz 

Power supply: no separate power supply required! 

Mounting: attaches to the device with an adhesive layer

Neitronik™ 5GRS

Neitronik™ MG-04M

Neitronik™ 5GRS

For smartphone, Wi-Fi router, microwave oven

Neitronik™ MG-04M

For TV, computer monitor, laptop, tablet, e-book, as well as, plasma, LCD and CRT displays

About Neitronik™ Manufacturing

Federation Council of the Russian Federation

Tyunyaev Vladimir Nikolaevich​

  • Candidate of Technical Sciences
  • Leading Specialist in Electromagnetic Safety
  • Corresponding Member of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences
  • Member of the Expert Council on Social Development at the Committee on Social Policy in the Federation Council
  • Member of the All-Russian Society of Inventors and Innovators
  • Developer of Neitronik Devices

Effects of electromagnetic radiation from smartphones and LCD screens on microorganisms

Normal state of microorganisms

Research of Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Simakov Yu.G.

A Petri dish contains saprophytic bacteria and protozoa evenly covering the whole bottom of the vessel. This is how the accumulation of microorganisms looks like without exposure to electromagnetic radiation

Response of microorganisms to radiation

When exposed to electromagnetic radiation from smartphones and LCD screens, microorganisms form a “spoke wheel” clustering pattern each time, similar to when they are exposed to poison (potassium bichromate)

Electromagnetic radiation = toxicant action

Neitronik protects microorganisms from radiation

Professor Simakov Yu.G. proved that bacteria and protozoa do not react to electromagnetic radiation from smartphones and LCD screens after Neitronik installation.

Microorganisms are evenly distributed over the entire plane of the vessel, do not form a pattern of “spokes of the wheel”, which corresponds to the norm

Neitronik™ reduces electromagnetic field up to 10 times

The crystalline lattice of the antenna is endowed with the ability to absorb and transform electromagnetic energy.

The antenna is activated by a radiation source and generates a field that interacts with the field of the radiation source, transforming it into a form that is safe for living organisms.

Neitronik™ reduces electromagnetic stress on the human body. It diminishes the electromagnetic field’s strength to half at a distance from the screen.

Neitronik™ is activated by the field produced by a radiation source and creates its field in alignment with the configuration of its antenna.

The interaction between the two fields allows the transformation of a signal generated by the radiation source, thereby making it safe for the human body.

Furthermore, the quality of the display image is not compromised, and the range of coverage of mobile communication devices is not reduced.

Before and after demonstration of the Neitronik™

Neitronik interacts with the electromagnetic field of the emitter device and generates a secondary vortex field around itself, which dampens the primary field of the emitter in counter-phase.

Neitronik starts its work simultaneously with switching on the device

👍 The quality of communication does not deteriorate!

The quality of communication does not deteriorate, mainly because Neitronik eliminates only the electromagnetic noise around the gadget without affecting the signal itself. By modulating and cancellation of certain spectra that do not affect communication and information transmission, resonances resulting from the electromagnetic flux affecting a biological object are eliminated.

The quality of communication depends on the ratio of transmitter power to noise. The less electromagnetic noise, the lower the power and the better the communication.

Experts warn of the dangers of electromagnetic field

Protect yourself from electromagnetic fields


😪 Rapid fatiguability

😪 Increased electromagnetic stress

😪 Pathologies of arterial tension

😪 Reduced energy potential

😪 Abnormal heart rate fluctuations

😪 Degraded blood clotting ability


😍 Deminishement of fatiguability

😍 Reduction of electromagnetic stress

😍 Normalized arterial tension

😍 Increase of energy potential

😍 Normalised heart rate

😍 Normal blood clotting ability

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Frequently Asked Questions

Despite the fact that Neitronik is thin, you cannot call it an ordinary sticker, because it is a technically complex device, which has a multi-layer structure and is a full-fledged passive antenna.

Hologram is the top layer that protects the lower layers from mechanical damage.
Our holograms are officially registered and have all necessary documents confirming our rights. The hologram, among other things, protects our products from counterfeiting.

Neitronik was created to solve the problem of electromagnetic smog. The main goal is to reduce the impact on the human body of radiation from mobile phones, radios, monitors of all types, microwave ovens, routers.

Neitronik is produced by OOO OZT by order of the Autonomous Non-Profit Organisation Valcon.

More than 40 laboratory studies have been conducted in Russia, CIS and Europe, which confirmed the effectiveness of Neitronik in the fight against electromagnetic radiation.

Children are the most unprotected part of the population. Children’s organism is exposed to the most serious impact of electromagnetic radiation. It is especially dangerous when children bring gadgets close to the head and pelvic organs. A child’s skull is thinner than an adult’s, therefore, the radiations penetrate deeper into the brain.

Mechanical damage is not allowed for Neitronik, even if it is a small bend! It is not recommended to use such a device because the integrity of the internal layers is broken, which makes the antenna inoperable.

It is not recommended to glue Neitronik to another device because of high probability of mechanical damage of protective layers.

P.s. If the Neitronik was not glued, but was tightly pressed to the smartphone with a case and is located on the original backing, there are no restrictions in using this antenna with a new device, if there is no obvious damage.

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