The set of six Neitroniks MG-04 (m)


The Neitronik ™ MG-04 (m) is designed to neutralize radiation with frequencies below 450 MHz. This model is installed on televisions, PC monitors, laptops, tablets, e-books, as well as plasma, LCD, and CRT displays of various purposes.


Delivery time 5 days

The placement of Neitronik ™ MG-04(m) corresponds to the direction of the vector diagram of its electromagnetic field and the vector diagram of the opposing field created on the screen. For Neitronik ™ MG-04(m), the field diagram vector is directed diagonally to the right and upward (effective up to 2 meters), so it is mounted in the left bottom corner of the panel or screen.

Neitronik ™ MG-04(m) starts its operation simultaneously with the monitor’s activation. It reduces the impact of EMP on the human body by up to 80%, and it also decreases the static electric field by approximately 2 times at a distance from the monitor and about 4 times in terms of area.

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