Neitronik MG-06AK Sphere


The “Neitronic MG-06AK” is used as a means to reduce the impact of electromagnetic fields (EMF) from computer and television monitors on the environment and humans. It enhances human reserve capabilities by eliminating magnetic stress caused by the influence of electromagnetic fields.

It is recommended for use in private homes, apartments, and offices.


Delivery time 60 days

The Neitronik device relies on patented spatial arrangements of lines projected onto a plane from a three-dimensional figure. This grid, also known as a matrix, serves as a passive antenna, converting and re-emitting electromagnetic waves. The Neitronik antenna responds to the emissions from household appliances, generating its own secondary field. Through interaction with the primary fields of emitters, it transforms the radiation spectrum into a form that is safe for humans. In simpler terms, it modifies the directional pattern of the primary electromagnetic field.

From a physics perspective, aligning with Einstein’s principle of relativity, mechanical, optical, and electromagnetic phenomena exhibit consistent behavior in all inertial reference systems. They are governed by the same equations, highlighting the relative significance of separately considering electric and magnetic fields. When a system of stationary charges generates an electric field, these charges, stationary in one inertial reference system, exhibit movement relative to another system. Consequently, this movement not only produces an electric field but also gives rise to a magnetic field.

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