Basswood for skin health

The decoction made from linden flowers is a home remedy known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, addressing various skin issues.

Elena's decoction from this plant settled on the shelf for a dozen years ago — she will continue the story!

Yes, my friends, dried linden flowers can not only make a decoction for colds or to calm down. It has been used for facial skin for a long time.

The decoction deeply cleanses the dermis, helps to remove dirt, dust, subcutaneous fat and other impurities from its upper layer.
The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of linden allow you to overcome redness of the skin, to fight various kinds of rashes on it.

But with rare exceptions, the ingredient of home cosmetics is a lime decoction….

🌿 Pharmacy collection or self-collected linden inflorescences are suitable for its preparation. The flowers in the required amount are poured with a certain volume of water (as a rule, 5 spoons of collection per 1 glass of water), boiled for 15 minutes, infused and drained through gauze.

Ready to use!

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