Birch Tincture According to the New Technology of professor V.S.Kralin

Olesya Krupenchikova cured her husband’s 22-year osteomyelitis with Prof. V. S. Kralin’s birch bud tincture. Traditional methods failed, but the remedy applied to the wound showed improvement in three weeks, eliminating suppuration and necrosis.

In October 2023, I had a meeting with the patient’s wife Olesya Krupenchikova, who tried her husband’s treatment for osteomyelitis with tincture of birch buds, made according to the new technology of Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences, “Honored Inventor of Russia” V. S. Kralin with the use of infra-frequency generator, which helps to strengthen the healing properties of medicinal plants. Her husband has been suffering from this disease for 22 years, since he was 15 years old and could not be cured. Now he is 37 and has forgotten about the disease.

– Hello, Olesya. What problem were you facing?
– My husband has suffered from osteomyelitis since he was 15 years old. He injured himself by damaging his leg with a nail. He is now 37 years old and has been suffering from this disease. We were treated with traditional medicine, had surgeries, but nothing helped.

– How did you manage to get rid of the disease?
– I searched the Internet for ways of unconventional treatment to help my husband somehow. By chance I came across an article about Prof. V.S. Kralin. I carefully read and studied everything. We contacted him, as there was nothing to lose. Nothing helped. No medication, no surgery. The festering continued. He gave us his remedy and we started using it.

– How did you use the birch bud tincture?
– We dabbed it on the wound. It was open. We put it in and within three weeks there was an improvement, I would say a cure. The suppuration and redness went away. He also had tissue necrosis. It’s completely gone. It’s been a year now, he’s forgotten about the disease.

– So basically, the wife saved her husband’s leg?
– Yes.

– Olesya, why didn’t your husband come to the interview?
– He has a lot of work to do. Since he’s cured, thank God, he can work now. During his illness he was on crutches and couldn’t work. And now everything is fine and he has no time.

– So you, as a spouse, decided to let justice prevail and came to this interview?
– Yes.

– Do you recommend other people to use birch bud tincture for this disease?– I advise everyone, especially I am very grateful to Prof. V. S. Kralin. It helped us, and we actually forgot about this disease. I hope forever.

– Thank you for the interview. With your permission, I will ask a few questions of Professor V.S. Kralin himself?
– Yes, of course.

Then I interviewed the scientist, professor, candidate of technical sciences, "Honored Inventor of Russia" V. S. Kralin, who easily went to the dialog, revealing his little secrets.

– Are there still patients with positive results of cure about whom you can tell? – Already dozens, fortunately. I can tell some names. From the city of Chelyabinsk, Kirill Titov. – What did he have? – The same osteomyelitis. Not only that, but I met the head of the department of purulent surgery of the Central Clinical Hospital No. 23 in Yekaterinburg and he became interested in it. – Do you use an infra-frequency generator for each medicinal plant? Absolutely, that’s the whole point. These frequencies change the viscosity of the water. It’s a symbiosis between folk medicine’s knowledge of the medicinal properties of plants and science. What causes osteomyelitis? A whole host of bacteria. Staphylococcus aureus, which my tincture kills once and for all. Interestingly, the attending surgeon of Olesya’s husband made it clear that the leg may be amputated, as the pus was released without ceasing and tissue necrosis begins. – I am not afraid to say so pathetically that your invention is a gift for mankind. Can this drug cure psoriasis? – Before turning to treatment, I always consult with leading professors of medicine, so I am not ready to answer about psoriasis yet. There are other diseases that I can say with certainty that my invention helps to cure them. These are maxillary sinusitis, all sorts of colds, including the new fashionable, perfect wound healing, by the way, for cases of wounds in SWO, the tincture will help perfectly, bedsores and osteomyelitis.

While I was writing my article, I received another review from a grateful patient Lyudmila about the tincture of birch buds, prepared according to the new technology of Prof. V.S. Kralin:

“Legs with a heavy load and prolonged walking pain for about 10 years, perhaps the cause was overweight and taking pills for diabetes, cholesterol and everything else that the elderly prescribe our doctors. Somehow I kept it up. But just two months ago began shooting sharp pain in the knee joint with recoil in the lower back, so that almost could not leave the house. Massage, balms and ointments helped little and that only in a calm state. In the hospital do not get, numbers are occupied for two weeks in advance. Went with the sin in half once, but the doctor, to whom we signed up, was on sick leave, and others refused to accept. The registrar recommended to make an appointment again. My husband scolded them, and we left. Here just by chance there was an opportunity to take tincture on birch buds Professor VS Kralin. We started in September, as recommended, a teaspoonful 30 minutes before meals in the morning and evening. As of the end of September, the pain has practically ceased, there are only rarely, with sudden movements and prolonged walking. I would like to try compresses, but the available 300 grams of medicine for this is clearly not enough, I would like to buy at least three liters.

To ask your questions about obtaining tincture of birch buds, methods and schemes of application, you can directly in the telegram channel “Aruba Wellness Center” (Center for Development, Health and Longevity): Aruba Wellness Center


Associate Professor, full member of ANNO “International Academy of Sciences”, Chairman of the Academic Council of ANNO “International Academy of Sciences”, member of “Russian Geographical Society”, head of the research group “Prometheus”, representative of “Aruba Wellness Center” (Health and Longevity Development Center) in Russia Valery Sivokon.

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