Powerful technique, how to clean the blood vessels

Garlic tincture

Crush 350 grams of garlic ( if turns green at some time – no good, though away!).

Put in a jar, in a dark place, not refrigerator, but not too hot.

After a few days, when it gives juice, select 200 grams of the most liquid. Put in a half-liter jar and pour 200 grams of 96% pure alcohol.

Put in a dark cool place, not the refrigerator.

Close with another jar as a cover.

Leave for 10 days.

Then squeeze through a linen cloth and the resulting liquid again put under the cover for 3 days.


First day

1/2 hour before breakfast one drop per 50 grams of boiled milk, at lunch 2 drops, at dinner 3 drops.

Second day

4-5-6 drops

Third day

7-8-9 drops

and so until the 10th day – 25-25-25 and so, 25 drops 3 times a day for about 3 months, until the liquid is finished.

Аfter you drink this 50 ml milk with garlic. drink 150 ml of water.

During cleaning need to drink water 2,5 liters per day, no alcohol, coffee or dark tea. 

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