Healing of diseases of various origins

In our Center we use the method of Multidimensional Medicine, which has proven itself over the last 50 years. It is a remote method which is convenient for both the patient and the healer.

Many health disorders occur because of the presence of violations of the integrity of our energy-information field. This is what we mean by the term connection or negative program. Such factors can sharply reduce the immunity of the organism, weaken it and contribute to the development of infectious diseases. Very often when restoring the integrity of our energy-informational field the signs of diseases disappear as if they were never there.
But if there is a long-standing damage to the integrity of the energy field that has not been repaired during the time, the disease can develop without hindrance in a weakened organism and move to a chronic stage, which should be dealt with not only by field methods, but also by a complex course of physiological treatment. It is always not easy to restore a run-down organism. It requires both effort and time.

In any case, the condition can be significantly alleviated. But it always requires a conscious approach of the patient to his problem. And first of all, to observe a conscious dietary regimen – the quantity, quality and regularity of food and water intake. Regular cleansing of the body is mandatory.
Regular abstinence of the body from food is also necessary. Any treatment without observing the rules of nutrition will not reach the goal.
We have experience in healing complex diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C, complex skin rashes, intestinal infections, covid and many others…all remotely from the client’s photo.

Contact our experts for more info

Contact our experts for more info

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