Lessons of accountability (ethics) and contracts

One of the main directions of Self-Growth (evolutionary work) is “Accelerated Learning of the Lessons of Ethics”. The fact is that the violation of one of the basic laws of Existence – the law of “Free Will” generates a lot of obstacles on the life path of any such violator. ACCOUNTABILITY – or considering the Will of surrounding living beings, allows one to “move” through life relatively easily and without special adventures. Without wasting your strength on the resistance of other people.

The essence of this method is simple but effective. Do not prevent anyone to achieve their goals, and no one will prevent you. Of course, it sounds simple, but to realize it in life is not always possible. Everyone Everyone is well aware of the numerous obstacles in achieving their goals. And they are not accidental, obstacles are the consequence of errors that have not been understood so farIt turns out that if one learns all the lessons of courtesy and realizes the mistakes already made, moreover, in all one’s incarnations, and also helps the ancestors who have not yet crossed the river of time (from the dark navi, to the light navi and then to reincarnation) for their mistakes – then everything will miraculously change and most of the obstacles on the path of life will disappear, and the very goal of the path of life will change – it will become real and therefore achievable. The vices of courtesy (not passed lessons) are in fact “thresholds” on the course of the river of life of each incarnated person. A person creates these thresholds for himself and only he can remove them – through understanding of wrong behaviors and erasing the archival traces of these errors in their archival structures, which accompany each self-essence from incarnation to incarnation. The popular opinion of the last times that all negative karma is nullified is not true. 

According to the law of “free will” no one has the right to strip the Self-essence of its experience, both negative and positive. Therefore, everyone should be responsible for their own mistakes, and it is desirable not to put it off in a long box. Specialists of our center will help to identify all unlearned lessons and advise how to effectively pass and close them. We also erase records about these vices in the archival structures of Self-South, in case of successful realization of mistakes. We have all the appropriate authorizations and powers to do this.

What changes after “Accelerated Lessons in Courtesy” (ALC)?

Toxic people and situations get out of the way. The black spots in life disappear. Life stops throwing up challenges because there’s no reason to. And on the contrary – pleasant people appear corresponding to the changes that are taking place, new opportunities open, health improves, and life becomes more

But the main thing is that we remove all bindings to the necessity of endless incarnation here in these harsh conditions. That is, the “Wheel of Sansara” is broken and the Self-Sense becomes free to choose a further place of incarnation. It is of course difficult to understand this – but it is necessary to write about it. Work on “ALC”, allows us to go to the breaking of contracts with “gray teachers” imposed on us. In addition to the light helpers (who are often called angels – although they may be our ancestors ), we are accompanied in life by “gray teachers”, who in the last dark times behave like dark robbers, taking away our vital energy without retribution.

The only way to get rid of contracts is to pass the “ALC”. Why is having contracts a bad thing?

Because the presence of contracts, i.e. interaction with “gray teachers” allows them to freely enter the personal zone of the Self-sense, to set there their marks, equipment (ethereal) and, most importantly, to take as much energy of the Self-sense as they want. And even create perception blocks in the energy-informational system of the Self-Soul preventing Her from realizing this alien influence. And all this under the “slogan” – we help this Being to undergo the necessary training to realize the existing vices and create all the necessary conditions for this. In reality, it is not profitable for such contractors to train the Self-Soul and they do everything to keep the latter under their influence as long as possible – from incarnation to incarnation.

When contracts are terminated, it is necessary to identify with whom they were concluded, when and under what circumstances. As a common rule, such “conclusion” of contracts was preceded by violation of codes of courtesy – therefore, these violations should be identified and worked out. That is, in order to terminate a contract, all ethics violations must be cleaned up. ALC and termination of contracts greatly simplify the future life, remove a lot of unpleasant moments from it. In some cases, it manifests itself so vividly – that a person involuntarily believes that he or she has started a whole new life. Our center has trained professionals who perform all these works long enough and effectively. The only thing that on this path is not desirable to stop and go all the way at once and to the end.

In the process of scrubbing off vices and dissolving contracts a person rises to very high plans of being. He gets an idea of what high states he can have and feel them in the process of work. So it is a very valuable experience, besides the results obtained.

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