Methodology of eliminating entities of diseases

Interestingly, but practically all our serious illnesses are the result of the influence of informational viruses on our energy fields. Deforming our field structure, they facilitate the penetration and “hooking up” of vampiric infernal beings and entities that feed on our energy. Complete healing from diseases requires getting rid of these “uninvited guests.”

Russian healer and esoteric knowledge researcher R. Doly refers to these infernal beings as “entities of disease.” Here’s how he describes his own experience of exorcising such an entity in his book “Journey through the Inner Worlds of Consciousness”: “Once I fell seriously ill. I was tossed by storms, nauseous, alternately burning with fever and chilled…

Since the disease had taken root in the body, it meant it had seized the main energy flows and parasitized on them. I calmed my mind and tuned into inner silence. After a while, external disturbances disappeared. I commanded consciousness to confront the entity of the disease. For a long time, nothing happened. Then I began to sense the entity’s field both inside me and in the external space. This field extended far into the subtle world and permeated its various layers. I explored the nature of this phenomenon until, at one point, I felt that a legion of uninvited guests lived in my Aura. I felt sick in both literal and figurative senses. Literally: nausea overwhelmed me, darkness covered my eyes, and sweat broke out. Years of meditation and spiritual practices, yet negative entities abound.

Angry, I decided to deal first with the thickest and most audacious monsters. It seemed they lived in my body even before birth, inherited through generations. On another spatial level, they had internal organs, tentacles, life support systems, and felt perfectly normal. A kind of symbiosis. My life energies were accumulated in this world, and parasitic entities sucked them from another. I entered an even deeper trance. At this level, I managed to detail the images of vampires. They looked like spirals, lightning bolts, spikes, spiders, octopuses, patches of mist, contorting masks of malicious beings, and so on. I never doubted that every person is energetic food for beings of the Subtle world, but seeing entities of failures and diseases on different spatial levels was unprecedented.

Therefore, working is required simultaneously in several dimensions: at the level of the spirit, at the level of the entity’s management apparatus, and directly with its physical organs. I focused on the most unpleasant entity. It was perceived on the internal screen as an octopus, with numerous tentacles gripping the umbilical center. The entity’s body was outside my physical body, about twenty centimeters away. Moving to the entity’s plane, I grabbed the octopus by the head with etheric hands. On all floors of my evolutionary ladder, it felt like the entity had ceased all resistance and hung lifelessly. At the level of perception of its physical organs in a parallel world, the impression was that they lost their owner and shrank. On the energy level in my body, chronic background pains disappeared, which I had already stopped paying attention to.

Next, I scooped out phantom remnants of the entity from my field and sent them through my “self” to the World of Forerunners (Chaos) for melting. On the level of my etheric matrix, I ignited the fire of white light with imagination, burning all energetic traces of the former monster. On the spiritual level, I thanked the world for the attention and directed the released energy to restore my health. In purified structures, I manifested an angel of health with a mental setting to restore all spiritual, mental, and physical systems and organs. My consciousness cleared, the body filled with resilient strength, the mood improved, and a beneficial warmth spread around the abdomen.”

There you have it, you’ve been introduced to a specific example of the methodology for working with disease images and infernal entities used by R. Doly in his healing practices. You can try something similar yourself, harnessing the power of your own consciousness. I’ve previously shared how a child defeated cancer through working with images. However, it’s essential to remember that even after getting rid of infernal parasites, we may encounter them again and again if we don’t cease to be their food. Negative emotions and feelings attract them, so make your own conclusions.

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