AK-VITA: The Wave Key to Your Well-Being!


Produces energy that activates the vital force of the body.

► strengthens the immune system
► increases mental performance
► Improves metabolism
► Activates the hidden properties of human vital energy
► Regulates the body’s own bioenergetic impulses
► Restores physical, mental and energy-information balance
► Cosmetically improves the skin

► Accelerates wound healing
► Promotes the resorption of scars
► Has an anesthetic effect
► Promotes detoxification of the body
► Promotes the maturation of stem cells
► Has antispasmodic effect
► Improves the function of hematopoiesis, normalizes the blood formula
► Has anti-aging effect

In manufacturing since 2000, HIGH PRIZES on international exhibitions:

EWEI, Sofia (Bulgaria), gold medal; Eureka, Brussels (EU), 2001, silver medal; INPEX, Pittsburgh (USA), silver medal; VDNKh, Moscow, 2003, gold medal, Venture Fair 2016, gold diploma.

Portable device with interchangeable radiators (hereinafter – device, interchangeable radiators) is a source of low-intensity and background radiation (less than 10 µW/m²) of electromagnetic waves of extremely high frequency (EHF) and light spectrum for non-invasive impact on biological objects and active zones of a person in order to correct functional activity of systems by stimulation of processes in cellular tissue. The effects of this exposure are associated with the presence of specific resonances of cells and their protein structures. Exposure to this radiation is able to activate the work of the organism by means of energy regulation of systems and organs at the level of cellular tissue, as well as to block the development of pathogenic process by means of radiation at its own frequencies, which leads to stabilisation of the organism’s homeostasis.


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