For 4 years of mass application of BIOTRON dozens of suffering people have forgotten forever the problems with hip joints.
BIOTRON removes spasms and muscle blocks in the whole body, most importantly, paravertebral leave muscle blocks in the spine. Energy, blood, nutrition, and oxygen begin to flow. This starts the mechanism of restoration of microcirculation in the bone tissue. Therefore, the washout of calcium stops. There is a restoration of cartilage tissue: solves the problem of providing suffering from hypoxia cells and health problems begin to solve as if by themselves.


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Start the work of the inner doctor, and he will solve the issues of rehabilitation and rejuvenation himself

After the course (12 procedures for 45 minutes), subjectively and hardware confirmed rejuvenation of the body for 7-12 years. All patients with a ‘bouquet’ of chronic diseases experience resolved issues: hypertension normalizes, sleep improves, microthromboses after Covid disappear, depression lifts, family relations improve, men become rooted, and ladies are filled with charm. General energy, all energy centers open, cognitive and creative abilities grow. And this is not all. This list you can extend. From an economic point of view, the Biotron option is also a win-win. Painful hip joints lead to disability and the need for a wheelchair.

  • Three years ago, a man suffered from glaucoma and cataracts. After regular use of Biotron, everything went away, I see normally, I can read without glasses at the age of 66. And because Biotron removes all spasms and blocks, primarily on the muscles of the spine. Thus, not only the eyes, but also all organs and diseased cells begin to receive energy, blood, nutrition. The field structures of the entire body are restored. At all levels, including psycho-emotional. A person becomes kinder, depression goes away, he is not affected by bad news, there is no desire to hide in a shell. A person begins to perceive all aspects of life in a positive way.
  • The group of more, then 30 patients who have had more than 36 procedures had relief of spinal herniation, which is often marring the life of a person.
  • We have had patients with 2 and 3 herniated discs, who have been treated by different specialists. And they were surprised when in two months on Biotron one hernia went away, in 4 months – two hernias. And in 9 months 3 hernias went away. And no massage procedures were performed…. Patients were laid down for 45 minutes and then given a 30-minute ionic cleansing. And after two months, the hernias are gone. while improving the condition of the entire spine. Cartilage tissue grows in the intervertebral discs, restores blood microcirculation through the capillaries in the bone tissue, increases the flexibility of the spine. salts dissolve in osteochondrosis, spurs and bone neoplasms go away.


What is a Biotron?

A Biotron is a biophysical device in which the energy of life of young growing plants is collected and concentrated in a volume large enough to accommodate the human body. The history of such devices begins with the Chinese Doctor Jiang Kandgen, who first began using such devices at the beginning of the current millennium.

These devices are used to rejuvenate patients’ organisms. Evgeny Komrakov studied and improved this device. He managed to turn the Biotron into a compact and affordable device for a wide range of people, both in terms of technology and the cost of the Biotron itself.

What are the practical results for Biotron? “Aruba Wellness Center” studying this device just for a few months. But some convincing results have already been obtained. For example, a decrease in arthritic symptoms. And general energy balancing of the body. In the process of studying the capabilities of the Biotron, modern diagnostic systems are used, such as the Omega Medicine and Rodotek pulse diagnostic devices. Both diagnostic devices showed an improvement in the condition of human internal organs and the cardiovascular system.

In particular, over two weekly cycles (with a week break) of staying in the Biotron for 40-50 minutes a day, the biological age of the test person decreased by 10 years such as the Omega Medicine Biological age tester and Radotech diagnostic devices. This is a significant improvement in the health status of the test subject. At the same time, the health improvement processes are only initiated by these sessions and do not stop. Of course, these trends in the improvement of the body’s health require further support, both with sessions in the biotron and with other additional means.

In addition, we are studying the many years of experience in using Biotron in Moscow at Evgeny Komrakov’s center. Interesting results have been obtained there in eliminating such a phenomenon as herniated discs. Further interesting results were obtained in reducing blood sugar. And much more. The general trend of procedures in the Biotron is stabilization of the body’s condition and reduction of signs of various pathologies in the body of patients. Of course, the practice of using the Biotron requires systematization and generalization, but this is a lot of work and it is still ahead. The first general impressions give reason to hope that Biotron procedures will allow many people to significantly improve their wells condition.

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