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Difficult ecological situation, negative technogenic impact and chemical pollution of the environment lead to the deterioration of the living conditions of modern human. Hydroplasma is  a unique and innovative product of complex effects. It helps to restore health and excellent well-being while protecting yourself from any negative impact.

  • One drop of hydroplasma can change the biogenic structure of ordinary drinking water and this is enough to update the structure of a liter of liquid that can be taken by children and adults.
  • Adults: 1 drop of hydroplasma per 1 liter of water. Take 400-600 ml (2-3 glasses) during the day until 19-00
  • Children: 1 drop of hydroplasma per 1 liter of water. Take 200-400 ml (1-2 glasses) during the day until 19-00


Delivery time 60 days

Plasma consists of elementary particles (electrons, protons, etc.). These particles interact with each other and form stable structures known as “clusters” – this is what hydroplasma is, the fifth state of matter. Use 1 drop of hydroplasma per 1 liter of water for making biogenic water. Take 400-600 ml (2-3 glasses) during the day until 19-00

The composition of the hydroplasma does not include any chemical components, it is a biologically active concentrate designed to dilute drinking water. Unique in its molecular composition, hydroplasma is completely dissolved in water and makes it as useful as possible, ensuring the activation of the internal forces of the body of each person.

Home-produced biogenic water helps detoxify the body and cleanse tissues and internal organs, eliminate toxins and carcinogens. Thanks to the regular intake of an innovative product, the body starts the processes of self-healing and rejuvenation at the cellular level, which does not stop for a long time.

The complex effect is ensured by the complete dissolution of hydroplasma in water and penetration into all cells and organs of a person, thanks to the natural blood flow process. Changes occur at the DNA level, so that a person looks younger and becomes more active, his nervous system stabilizes and a full recovery of energy reserves is observed.

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Hydroplasma Can Help Where Medicine Is Powerless

I want to share my feedback on Hydroplasma. About 5 years ago, just below my knee, I developed an inexplicable redness. Over time, painful sensations and swelling appeared, and a bluish border formed around the redness. Numerous visits to hospitals and doctors yielded no results; no one could understand the cause of my illness. Two years ago, I had surgery, but it did not solve the problem. After the operation, the scar healed. Three months later, everything repeated itself—the swelling, redness, and bluish discoloration returned.

I started drinking Hydroplasma and applied it externally to the swelling without dilution. Initially, my leg swelled more than before. After daily treatment with Hydroplasma, I made a compress at night. After the sixth procedure, the swelling began to subside, and within a few days, it turned into a red spot. On the tenth day, the swelling burst, and over time, everything cleared up. The swelling did not recur.

Valentina. Kazakhstan. 51 years old.


Hydroplasma Helps Heal Wounds Faster

I severely injured my arm around the elbow, with a deep and heavily bleeding laceration. The conventional remedies I tried for wound healing were acting slowly.

Upon a friend’s recommendation, I decided to try Hydroplasma. I began treating the wound with the undiluted concentrate of Hydroplasma. The result exceeded all my expectations; it was hard for me to believe, but the wound started healing rapidly, literally before my eyes. After 10 days, only a scar remained, more like a typical cut.

Svetlana. Russia. 43 years old.


Hydroplasma Can Help with Allergies

I would like to share my personal experience with Inyushin’s Hydroplasma. In the city where I live, the environmental conditions are not great, and there are many allergic reactions. Every spring, when wormwood begins to bloom, my eyes start itching to the point where it becomes impossible to be outdoors. Another bout of allergy began, and I remembered that I had Inyushin’s Hydroplasma.

As soon as I applied a few drops to my eyes, the itching really stopped. I continued applying it in the morning and evening, twice a day. Literally, on the third day, all those allergies disappeared. I suffered a lot from allergies. It was impossible to be outside, do anything in the garden. Thanks to Hydroplasma, my allergy disappeared. You know, I want to say that the old saying “living water heals with living water” is not in vain. Now I see that this water is truly alive. It literally heals and solves problems, especially seasonal allergies.

Once again, I want to express my immense admiration and gratitude to Professor Inyushin! Thank you so much and to the “Health Source” company for being a real “source of health” and providing products that help us live in this time, in this world!

Bulat. Republic of Kazakhstan. 59 years old.


Hydroplasma Helps Solve Chronic Health Issues

For the past two weeks, I’ve consistently experienced nasal congestion and an itchy throat every morning. I decided to use a few drops of Hydroplasma in my nose both in the morning and evening. I did this for three days, and with each passing day, it became easier for me to get up in the mornings. The itching in the throat stopped, and my nose was less congested, allowing me to breathe more freely. Every year, from late spring to summer, I faced this problem, but I can recommend Inyushin’s Hydroplasma because it truly works.

Thanks to Professor Inyushin for his efforts and the “Health Source” company.

Andrey. Russia. 23 years old.

Hydroplasma Review for Kidney Stones and Overall Well-being

I read about Hydroplasma on the internet. I bought it and started using it because I was tired of spending money on medications. I suffered from kidney stones. After six months of use, stones and sand started coming out, painlessly. A 70% reduction in stones, confirmed by an X-ray, was observed. Physical and emotional well-being is excellent. Down with medications! Thanks to Inyushin and the “Health Source” company.

Rinat, 52 years old.


Hydroplasma Review for Improved Well-being and Papillomas

I learned about Hydroplasma from a friend who brought me three liters of prepared water, saying to drink it several times a day. She claimed it would relieve my fatigue and insomnia. I noticed an improvement in my well-being by the fifth day. Sleep improved, and my energy levels increased. Later, I discovered that it contained Inyushin’s Hydroplasma. I’ve been using it for 8 months now, reaching 3 drops per liter. I feel great. Besides psychological improvements, my physical condition has also improved. Anemia in my hands disappeared, papillomas disappeared, and the skin texture improved. I want to thank the creator of Hydroplasma, Valentin Inyushin, and the representatives of the “Health Source” company for this wonderful product.

Marina, 48 years old.


Hydroplasma Helps Children

We are parents of late children in a late marriage. I am now 45, my spouse is 49, and our children are 9, 7, and 5 years old. The older ones go to school, and the youngest to a development center. Since the children are lively, they often play together and sometimes get so excited that they can’t sleep for a long time. Consequently, due to lack of sleep, they couldn’t wake up in the morning. Their morning wake-up consumed a colossal amount of my energy. After sending them off to school, I felt like I had unloaded a freight train alone. And then a Hydroplasma from Inyushin appeared in our house. To say that the children became easier to wake up is an understatement. We started giving them water immediately after waking up. They, waking up on their own, asked for “Living Water.” The children became much more composed, calmer, and I am sure that physiologically they will develop better because the work of the digestive system improves with water. Huge thanks to Mr. Inyushin for improving the quality of people’s lives.

Svetlana, 45 years old.

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