The device EKUT “Teacher”


EKUT “Teacher” is a biological resonator that improve communication and negotiations.


Delivery time 7 days

The device “Effects Complex therapeutic amplifier” (EKUT), designed as a preventive tool, which is based on a number of well-known therapeutic and health-enhancing therapeutic methods-magnetotherapy, metallotherapy, galvanotherapy. Combined in one device and mutually affecting each other, these methods cause a synergistic effect when acting on the human body. ECUT in its work strengthens the biological field, its electromagnetic and non-electromagnetic components through the process of influencing a number of active biological points located on the body. The device is a fairly compact device, which gives an additional advantage in its frequent, everyday use.

Recommendations for use: “EKUT” should be taken in the right hand, easily, without much effort, hold it between the fingers, so that the thumb rests on the middle. The usage time of “EKUT” can be chosen independently based on internal well-being and can vary from a few minutes to several hours. It is recommended to use the device for maximum effectiveness at least twice a day.

Action of the device:
1. Stabilizes and harmonizes the energy field of a person and at the same time gradually reveals the higher aspects of a person.
2. Builds a favorable life scenario for the wearer of the device
3. Strengthens intentions – you need to be careful with this. Bad intentions can also reinforce.
4. Helps to adapt to changing environmental conditions, both locally – for example, during flights. So it is globally – in the conditions of turbulently changing living conditions on the planet and in society.
5. Helps to reduce pain – by applying to painful places for 10 minutes, for several days. (In difficult cases – longer)
6. Helps maintain high performance and intelligence (IQ)
7. Makes a person complete, supports aspiration.

As written by one of the device users, Uriy: “I use EKUT for a month now and it really works. It does help to boost the energy – can feel the difference with and without EKUT. Helps to intensify the intention and concentration. I checked the help of the EKUT in an extreme situation. In a week, I accidentally poured boiling water over myself twice. I poured the hand when brewing the kettle and then in the bath scalded the thigh. I meditated all the pains for half an hour with EKUT. The pain was gone, the next morning there were slight reddening’s only without blisters. I did not use any ointments. I just imagined the structure of cells and atoms of the skin in superposition, without damage.”


☀❄ Good afternoon dear friends. Now in our community there is a lot of discussion about EKUT ENERGY and I would like to share my practice, how the usual 🔥EKUT STANDARD became for me and ekut-energy and ekut-happy-family and ekut-money and ekut alpha-male and ekut anti-dependence and ekut-teacher, if you want.

It all started when I was suffering from alcohol addiction (I want to emphasize: suffering, i.e. fully aware of the harm). Of course the impetus for realization was my beloved Spouse, I looked at her and marveled at how she tolerated me and wanted to master the same abilities of balance and endurance. I made attempts to resolve the issue of addiction, but all this struggle only led to more relapses!

Thanks to Michael Vvedensky I got into Alexey Valeryevich’s community, for about 3 months I listened to his lectures at night, of course alcohol disturbs sleep a lot and I enjoyed watching long videos, sometimes not even understanding what he was talking about, they were variously presented, although they came out quite often. Believe it or not, all these months I didn’t even pay attention to the information about ecuts. The clue was the claim that a certain device (it didn’t have the name “ekut” back then) gives a guarantee for a safe life scenario and much more. I work as an international director of logistics and have encountered various tragic scenarios along the way 🙁

EKUT was still in transit at the post office, and I was already mentally standing at the door and waiting (I think the hint is clear 🙂 When I unwrapped it and took it in my hand I was immediately “led”, disoriented in space, even before that moment I was 110% sure in its effectiveness, well, I was a little freaked out!

Further continued attempts to overcome addiction already with EKUT, but as now I realize that I worked with the device little (for example, now I work with them about 3-5 hours a day, I have two of them, plus a pendant. The next moment occurred when I started to notice that the working day increased by a couple of hours, and falling asleep sober I wanted to wake up quickly and go to do things (by the way so a theme for the night😁).

Dear friends, I think it is clear to you that I have evolved my business, I started earning more, I got a competitive advantage, I returned to sports, I became attractive, sociable, etc. friends… and the evolution continues, in November was 3 years of new life…tears come to my eyes guys sorry….
I want to advise one thing: work with EKUT more and don’t forget to move, without movement it doesn’t work!
Alexey Valeryevich, sweetie, thank you! ❤

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