Psychophysical evolutionary portrait (ppep) of a human being

Nowadays there is a lot of talk about spiritual development, but few people realize what it is and what criteria can be applied to determine the level of spiritual development of a person. The same picture is roughly the same with the concept of human evolutionary development.

Some authors put forward moral or ethical criteria for assessing the level of spiritual or evolutionary development. Of course, this direction as a whole is still poorly studied. We have encountered the necessity of this kind of integral assessments of psychophysical parameters of a person when choosing ways and means of his healing. A complete (relatively complete) set of psychophysical parameters allows us to understand the causes of a person’s illness and optimally choose ways and means of his/her healing.

It is very convenient in healing activity, as it reveals a holistic picture of cause-and-effect relations determining the current state of a person. But then it turned out that PPEP itself is interesting from the point of view of the possibility of determining the stage of a person’s evolutionary development not only in the current incarnation, but also in all previous incarnations. i.e. we can know where our “Soul” came from and how it developed, reborn from the very first incarnation in this world.

Of course, the method of diagnostics differs significantly from what we are used to seeing in medical institutions. It is based on the analysis of the Astral-Mental fields of a person and is performed by specialists – sensitives who have undergone certain training. This approach has been widely and successfully used by specialists of Multidimensional Medicine (L.G. Puchko) for decades. We have only created the necessary conceptual base and ways of training of specialists, as it requires special training and high level of expertise.

Application of this method of diagnostics by different specialists show good coincidence of indicators for the same person.

What is indicative: such diagnostics are initial data for the subsequent correction of deviations of Psycho-Physical parameters of a person, which is confirmed by changes in psychosomatics, traced by the patient himself. Everything is simple – there were pains, the causes were determined, correction was carried out and the pains went away after correction.

That is why PPEP diagnosis, although very specific, is very effective in the result. Both diagnosis and subsequent correction are carried out remotely by photo.
It is very convenient – it is not necessary to go anywhere, to meet someone, or even to be present with your attention. Everything is carried out on the Astral-Mental level – this is the initial level of being of our Soul, which came to this incarnation and unfolded in this particular body in accordance with its own incarnation plan and DNA.

Actually, this task of realizing one’s duality of being (simultaneously in the physical body and in a certain set of subtle bodies inseparably connected with the physical body and forming the Self-Sentience) is one of the main tasks of every human being living nowadays. – and is one of the main ones for every human being living now. And it is those who have already passed this stage of realization who can only perform such diagnostics.
And so – what parameters form the basis of the Self-Substance PFEP?
Conditionally we divide the whole set of parameters into several parts:

  1. That which characterizes the energy-information field of a person: the degree of its damage (both external and self-damage) – integrity, shape, structuredness, color…
  2. Loaded with his own negative experience of incarnations…
  3. The type and level of influence from the outside.
  4. Parameters of the state of functioning of the physical body:
  5. Type and level of influence from within.
  6. The state of the energy centers.
  7. Additional parameters.
Such a set of parameters gives the most complete picture of the state of the entire multidimensional body and the types of influence on it both from inside (self-influence) and outside. And allows you to understand the strategy and tactics of correction of life activity for the realization of genetically laid life potential and connection of all aspects of the Self-System into one whole. In addition to psycho-physical diagnostics, our center’s specialists can, upon request, additionally examine the tape of a person’s life in order to explain the undesirable (negative) tendencies existing in a person’s life (up to three types of tendencies), and give recommendations for their elimination.

Thus, having PPEP in front of one’s eyes, one can understand at what stage of the evolutionary schedule of life a person is, what he/she can strive for and what to do for this purpose. In fact, it is a digital definition of the current level of human evolutionary development as an eternally living, gaining its potential (or losing it) and experience of the multidimensional Self-System. This kind of evaluation can be a significant impetus to rethink one’s life values and to choose more ecological forms of self-expression in this difficult and rather tough world for us. 

All these characteristics are well intuitively perceived by the majority of people interested in PPEP, with confirmation of their inner understandings of themselves in this world. The secret is that people who are already ready to perceive themselves volumetrically and holistically merged with this world are interested in such diagnostics. For the majority of people who feel themselves only in the dense material world this information will be difficult and hard to understand.
According to the results of the diagnostics there is an hour consultation – answers to the questions that arise

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