Radotech - for Whom and How is Health Monitoring Useful?

Wellness and health care. It allows you to identify weaknesses in the body, take wellness measures according to detailed recommendations in the mobile application, track progress and dynamics of changes, confidently achieve a wellness result.

       Sports and fitness. RaDoTech helps to optimize the training regime, build an optimal nutrition schedule, adjust the schedule of the day in the best way, monitor the effectiveness of various types and types of loads, avoid overloads and overtraining. Together with RaDoTech, you can accurately select and achieve the best selection and application of sports nutrition, diets and other tools to achieve the highest results while maintaining health.

       Private practice. It is important to show the client the effectiveness of the procedures performed or the correctness of the chosen strategy in recovery or rehabilitation. Often these are only subjective feelings of the client, which may not coincide with the real state of affairs. RaDoTech and Riodoraku technology is the only objective way of hardware functional monitoring, which allows you to see a real and objective picture of the client’s condition in just 3 minutes of testing. Moreover, with the help of RaDoTech, if the client has it, it becomes possible to conduct remote consultations, which corresponds to the spirit of the times and will become your competitive advantage as a specialist.

       Monitoring and preservation of health. Earlier detection of changes in the body allows you to quickly, efficiently and cheaply return the body to a healthy optimal state, without waiting for the onset of symptoms and a full-fledged disease.

       Career and Entrepreneurship. The healthier our physical body is, the more efficient we are. RaDoTech gives you objective monitoring of the state of your body, allows you to support weak points and restore their functional activity, which in turn not only preserves performance, but also significantly increases it. Rapid recovery after stress and severe emotional stress. Strong and reliable health is an undeniable competitive advantage.

       Recovery and rehabilitation. After the worst is over, there is still an equally important stage of recovery and rehabilitation. It is during this period that it is extremely important to know exactly where the body «goes», how the procedures affect it and how the process moves in general. In this situation, RaDoTech is perhaps the easiest and most reliable way to independently monitor changes and progress in restoring your health. Constant monitoring makes it possible to accurately build your way back to health and a full life.

       An affiliate discount of 10% of the current cost is provided for equipment and additional services. Please read the information about radio equipment:

       – for the USA at: www.radotech.com

       – for Russia at: https://radotech.ru/

       When buying a device by US citizens, use the promo code RDTDMD10908 and get a 10 % discount on the device.

       When buying a device by Russian citizens, use the page at the email address: https://radotech.ru/prometey / and get a 10 % discount. This device is especially good for those people who perfectly understand what is happening in the world and there comes a moment when doctors will stop serving you, since you have not passed a medical experiment. The device will allow you to test your body yourself and point out weak points.

To purchase the device for citizens of the USA, Canada and Europe, contact the head of the Aruba Wellness Center (Center for Development, Health and Longevity)

To Diomid Bashkinov on Phone / WhatsApp: +1 617 429-1139

For those who are interested, subscribe to the group in the telegram channel «Aruba Wellness Center»: https://t.me/+zxgiYAWdgL4xOGEy

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