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LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS is a bright state of clarity, inner energy, and tranquility. It is a state that enhances your life, providing you with health and longevity. In the light of consciousness, you will clearly discern your own goals from those imposed upon you.

In contrast, there is a foggy state opposed to the light of consciousness. This state, conversely, deprives one of health, energy, and strength, turning a person into a compliant puppet without their own will, living by externally imposed goals, burning oneself in an endless race of consumption.

It's time to wake up


The modern consumer-driven world, in its pursuit of profit, has led people into the darkness of animal instincts and low vibrations. We all instinctively understand that we are doing something wrong. Trying to find answers, we turn to the internet and social media. However, instead of finding solutions, we become even more entangled. Some authors sincerely, relying on scientists, advocate for meat consumption, while others do the exact opposite. Some say that meditation is beneficial and extends life, while others claim it is a waste of time.

The reason is simple—social media is designed to generate profit, not to help people find answers. That’s why there is so much fragmented and contradictory information. The longer a person spends time on social media, the more profit the company makes. The situation is so complex and tangled that literal “REANIMATION OF LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS” is needed.


The path to happiness and joy

What will you get by gaining "REANIMATION OF LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS"

  • Dark manifestations that drained your strength will leave your life: anger, envy, malice, jealousy, resentment, and fear. You will regain inner strength, light, energy, and joy. Along with energy, health will return to you.

    Selfishness will fade away, and you will no longer feel the need to prove your correctness to others. You will no longer be capable of causing harm to others, deceiving, ridiculing, tarnishing, and you will not find joy in the problems and suffering of others.

  • You will become significantly more sensitive to the people around you. Empty distractions, the cult of consumption, social media, and negative news will become uninteresting and unpleasant to you because they will no longer resonate with your enlightened state.

  • You will come to understand what is essential in your life and what needs to be done to achieve it.


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