The procedure of restoration of the original multidimensional structure of the Self-System. 

This procedure is also carried out remotely by means of influence on the human phantom of the volumetric spatial resonator of the “golden section”. I.e. we apply a specially formed fractal SPACE to restore the original multidimensional structure of the Self-System of a person.

This is a very NATURAL and ECOLOGICAL process – as it applies only the basic original properties of our space. This unique method has been successfully applied by our specialists for several years with consistently positive results. We call this procedure also “laundry for subtle bodies” – it shakes out and destroys all wrong connections and formed “crooked” paths of flow of energies and information in the whole volume of subtle bodies of a person. Thus destroying
many (but unfortunately not all) distortions that have arisen in the channels of energy and information flow in the multidimensional structure of a human being in the processes of life activity. 

In this etalon environment, our multidimensional system is as if “shaken off” from distortions stuck in the course of lives (and not only in the current one). Foreign energy-informational structures introduced from outside are removed from it and negative programs are reset. The structure of the applied etalon environment is similar to the structures of the Center of Creation of the Universe, i.e. it has God-like qualities.

As a result of such influence – many manifestations of negative psychosomatics go away, sleeping abilities are unsealed and the feeling of renewal of oneself comes. The sensations become sharpened – as if a cloudy veil is removed from the inner vision. Life begins to play again with fresh colors and sensations. Negative situations and people magically disappear from life. A feeling of inner strength appears. 

But everything is individual – some processes can be aggravated, especially during the procedures. It is necessary to watch carefully and fix the so-called trigger points of sensations, which will prompt the further direction of inner work.

I.e., if we have done something wrong against the CONs of Existence, this procedure will reveal and highlight it. Here we can only complain about ourselves. But the direction of further work on bringing oneself to an “ecological” state is immediately clear. This procedure helps and facilitates further work – but it is useful only for those who are really interested in inner work and want to work in this direction. If nothing further is done, the “naked thresholds” may aggravate the problems. So for those who like to put things off and are lazy to work on themselves, these procedures can bring surprises in the form of increased pressure of negativity, seeking to restore the status quo that has been established before. And instead of the desired relief – to get an unfortunate need to do something urgently…

So this kind of work is only for those who are really ready to change and move in their development. First of all, you will need to CONSIDER what is happening inside you and around you and record it in texts or audio recordings. The work of CONSCIOUSNESS is something that will have to be done. It is precisely the first steps to increasing your own awareness. Without it – all work on opening one’s abilities is not possible. This is the beginning of the path of TOTAL observation of oneself – mastering of INTERNAL ATTENTION. It is the awakening of the inner WITCH. It begins with the Diary of one’s inner work. As you progress in your self-development, one day the need for such a diary of self-control will disappear – this is when the ability to control your memory – which automatically records everything that happens to us in volume, color, with sounds and sensations. But you should start with a self-control diary.

That is, all those who want “miracles” should think hard before embarking on such work. And having started it – do not stop halfway. Then the positive results will not wait long. So – is a UNIQUE process that allows you to get rid of many foreign connections and influences in a short period of time (4 days) and partially restore the original structure of your multidimensional Essence. During this time you can throw off a heavy load of past mistakes, including in past incarnations.


There was a state of prolonged depression, which in the last few days has been aggravated by the strongest headache (with localization in a particular place), weakness in the whole body and sleepiness. There was no lack of sleep, but the pain and weakness did not let go for several days, everything fell out of my hands and I just fell out of life. It was impossible to cope with it myself and get myself back to normal life. The operator is a wizard! Deep demonic connections were diagnosed. During an hour of remote work my condition changed almost to the opposite. The headache was gone, there was only a slight hint that something was there… the same as after a few days of high fever, when it had already normalized and the virus was defeated. And in general the vigor and desire to live and create returned, the vital resource for activity returned! Along with the cleaning something else was activated as a bonus, I don’t understand it yet and I don’t feel it, I hope the results will manifest, I will observe. However, the fact that for an hour I became literally different, revitalized – the fact is obvious! And along with feeling better, my mood has improved))))) 

Thank you again! The method works very well.


I thank the operator and the Highest Light Forces for the opportunity to undergo the TRANSFORMATION procedure! This is a very strong procedure, which for several sessions is able to cleanse and remove from a person and his fields all negative programs, entities, diseases, karmic developments of the person’s Kin, including very, very ancient ones! But, of course, it is necessary to have the desire of a person to get rid of his diseases, negatives and problems, his conscious approach and desire to understand why these situations are given! The exit of negativity on the subtle plane can be in the form of snakes of different colors, spiders, balls of different colors, entities, figures resembling human ones, something resembling cockroaches, different sticky clots, as well as daggers, knives, swords, other, even modern weapons, or even weapons of the “future” can come out. electronic blocks, etc. I especially want to note the attentive approach of the operator during the procedures and, if necessary, his personal intervention for the complete elimination of negativity! 

Thank you!!!

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Contact our experts for more info

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