Reviews about birch bud tincture

Recently, we have been receiving positive feedback on the use of birch bud tinctures and larch hydrolate, prepared using a new technology using an infra-frequency generator, which particularly pleases our team. This means that time has not passed in vain for two decades, money has not been wasted, intellectual work has borne fruit and there are those people who, after our life path, will remember us with a kind word, and this is something. The professor himself and the «Honored Inventor of Russia», Candidate of Technical Sciences V. S. Kralin was behind the creation of this technology, the «Prometheus» research group with its head V. A. Sivokon, the ANNO «International Academy of Sciences» with President V. I. Gorbunov and the «Aruba Wellness Center» (Center for Development, Health and Longevity), headed by D. I. Bashkinov. So, I’ll quote the reviews themselves, tweaking them a little, for better literary assimilation and give you a link to look at it yourself:

       «Good day to all! While taking the medicine that Viktor Sergeevich made, she fell ill with SARS. I thought everything would be delayed, as always, for a month or more. And what was my surprise, after three days I already felt good, and after five I realized that I was not sick at all. Thank you so much for the miracle cure!».

       «Thank you, Professor V. S. Kralin. Brilliant results. Thank you for the invention. It helps a lot with colds».

       «I feel light, this is really a breakthrough in medicine, this is an outstanding discovery of our century».

       «It’s certainly amazing. I took it for the first time. My feelings:

  • the nausea has passed,
  • liver function has improved,
  • pain in the upper and lower jaw has stopped,
  • a slight swelling has subsided,
  • cheilitis has passed, the lips were affected».

       «Viktor Sergeevich, your remedy has saved you from acne! In 2 months, the face was completely scarred! Thank you very much for the miracle remedy».

       «Russia breeds Great talents. Low bow to the author».

       «From the bottom of my heart, I want to express my gratitude and gratitude to Viktor Sergeyevich Kralin for his excellent drug, its basis is birch buds. Everything came out as a result of damage to the genitourinary system, when one kidney was working, since the second one was removed. The scales flaked and opened until they bled, now everything has stopped and finally the rash on the face and behind the ears has disappeared».


       «As a doctor, I can say this is a Miracle, it’s wonderful, this discovery is simply unique, God help you Viktor Sergeevich. You are a brilliant discovery».


       I also received two messages in my email, which I will now announce:

       «Hello. I am very grateful to you for this invention, to your entire scientific group. She got sick recently. I came home from work; the temperature is more than 37 degrees. I thought that’s it, I’ll go on sick leave, but who will pay for it? I ran to the home medicine cabinet for antibiotics. My husband stopped me. He said, try this remedy. I’m sorry, but I didn’t believe it right away and thought it was another divorce. My husband insisted. I listened to him. I drank two tablespoons of birch tincture, prepared according to the technology of Professor V. S. Kralin (my husband somehow got it, I don’t even know where and from whom) and went to bed. In the morning, there is no trace of the disease. I didn’t believe it. It can’t be, but it is. My health returned to normal, some kind of lightness appeared, all painful symptoms disappeared. I returned to the ranks overnight and went out to work further. This is really some kind of miracle. I apologize for doubting this drug. You are really very unique people».

       «I caught a bit of a cold in a draft recently. I thought it would go away by itself. After a couple of days, there were pains when coughing up in the chest. I called a doctor I know. He advised taking antibiotics and said that these were symptoms of pleurisy, which could develop into pneumonia. I talked to a friend; he advised me to use the tincture of Professor V. S. Kralin. He gave me the leftovers. It took exactly two days to heal. I used a teaspoon three times a day. All the painful symptoms disappeared. The runny nose passed, the lungs recovered and the pain disappeared. It’s a good thing that I didn’t listen to the doctor’s advice and didn’t eat antibiotics. When the new world madness comes (corrected by the editors), I will take this miraculous tincture. How timely you invented everything. Thank you very much».

       I must admit that our team is very pleased to receive such letters and feedback. Life has not been lived in vain. We were able to benefit the society in this difficult time. The knowledge of our ancestors, combined with new technologies, will help us out more than once when the world chaos begins. For me personally, it is a mystery where they were able to find this tincture, because it is not yet sold anywhere and is undergoing peculiar tests. Maybe somehow, the people who purchased it share the leftovers with their acquaintances, family and friends? And that’s a good thing. It is necessary to help each other. Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences, «Honored Inventor of Russia», full member of the «Prometheus» research group and member of the Scientific Council of the ANNO «International Academy of Sciences» V. S. Kralin declared tincture of birch buds and larch hydrolate as a remedy capable of fighting the following diseases:

  1. Tincture of birch buds:
  • sinusitis,
  • osteomyelitis,
  • bedsores of any stage,
  • colds, including the new world madness,
  • healing of various degrees of injury.

       In the process of studying, where a positive effect is not excluded, the following diseases are found:

  • gastric oncology,
  • psoriasis,
  • prostatitis.
  1. Larch hydrolate:
  • has a beneficial effect on the skin,
  • removes blackheads and pimples,
  • quite by chance, when women well over 50 years old, ignoring the ban on internal use, discovered the effect of rejuvenation of body cells, when unexpectedly for everyone, their menstrual cycle resumed, which they had already, due to their age, forgotten. Further tests are required to draw definitive conclusions.
  1. Cedar oil:
  • fights inflammation of any kind,
  • helps to gradually eliminate traces of allergies,
  • fights skin diseases: seborrhea, dermatitis, eczema, etc.,
  • accelerates the healing of burns,
  • moisturizes and nourishes the skin,
  • softens and strengthens hair, makes it thicker, fights baldness in the early stages,
  • strengthens nails.
  1. Cedar sap:
  • pathology of joints and musculoskeletal system,
  • overweight,
  • cosmetic defects of the skin of the face,
  • cleansing the body of all harmful toxins and substances that are poured from the sky every day.

       In general, we are pleased with these results, the reviews are excellent, but, as always, I warn you about the peculiarities and individual intolerance of the body to certain medicinal plants that can cause allergies and have a negative effect. It is necessary to consult a doctor. By the way, and this is very important, a new man-made world madness is coming, and according to our hypothesis, the tool of Professor V. S. Kralin can help many copes with the upcoming test organized by the world elites. So, take care of this in advance, so that you don’t blame yourself for being reckless and careless later. Do not forget that for thousands of years, our ancestors have always used plants with medicinal properties. As the once famous sage, physician and philosopher Avicenna said:

«There is no plant that is not medicinal. There is no disease that plants cannot cure».

       So, let’s take note of this wise statement by a recognized scientist around the world who lived a thousand years before our modern time. The wisdom of the ancestors has been tested for centuries, the wisdom of contemporaries, to follow the proven path created by our ancestors. And of course, if you feel unwell, when doctors refuse to help you make a diagnosis, including if you do not have a medical experiment in your body, the RaDoTech radio equipment will certainly help you, with which you can monitor your health and it will point you to all weak points in the body. You will be able to purchase it with a discount of 10 and 20 %. Don’t get sick and live happily ever after.

Direct deliveries from Russia from ecologically clean areas of the Urals and Siberia. If you are interested in a finished product from Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences, «Honored Inventor of Russia», full member of the ANNO «International Academy of Sciences», member of the Academic Council of the ANNO «International Academy of Sciences», full member of the research group «Prometheus», representative of the «Aruba Wellness Center» (Center for the Development of Health and Longevity) in Russia Viktor Sergeyevich Kralin:

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