Subtle plane implants that take away our energy

Everything that happens to us is the result of our thoughts and actions in the past.

When the problem repeats, it means we are doing something wrong and we need to change. “It’s hard to do the same thing and hope for a different result.”
Any problem is a loss of energy. To take it away from us, it is necessary to connect to us and for this we must have something negative in ourselves, vibrationally related to this problem.

The main sources of negativity in us are negative thoughts and deeds in this and previous lives. Because of wrong deeds or magical influence in previous lives, before our incarnation, we are forced to conclude agreements with forces who feed on our energy.

These contracts are often unfair – because they know that we will forget everything. On the basis of agreements we are put on our body with subtle plane implants, through which it is easy to take away our energy, as well as to influence us, creating problematic situations in life.

Everybody has an opportunity to get rid of any negativity, but it is not easy. For example, asking forgiveness for everything, you can get it, but it will take many years, like for the monks – hermits.

There are psychics and seers who have established communication on the subtle plane and see specific problems of a person and can explain them. Asking forgiveness from the Light Forces, knowing the specifics, is much easier, but one should be sincere and if one promises, for example, not to do magic anymore, one should not do it anymore not because one is afraid of retribution, but because one has realized the harm of it for one’s eternal growth.

By getting rid of karmic problems, contracts can be broken and implants removed. This will have an immediate effect on one’s sense of well-being and feelings of energy and positivity.

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