Nowadays many people know that we live more than one life and this fact can have such undesirable consequences as chronic diseases or a streak of failures in life. Which, however, without a trace disappear when identifying, realizing, and erasing in the subconscious made once mistakes.

There are no people who do not make mistakes, but the realized mistakes turn into experience, which allows you to continue without hesitation to choose good types of behavior in life’s turning situations.
Many experienced people know that LIFE will constantly throw up testing events until a person learns to choose the right types of behavior in critical situations and interactions with others.

Specialists of our Center will help to reveal the lessons of the Essence of Life, necessary for understanding to each person and quickly assimilate them and then erase the informational traces of errors in his subconsciousness. Informational traces of former mistakes always attract similar situations in life if they remain in the subconsciousness. This is the law of our being. Similar things attract to similar things. Problems attract more problems. Positivity in behavior unfolds to you LIFE with a harmonious side, filled with the joy of being and endless creativity.

It is all about knowing the possible types of errors and avoiding them in life situations and interactions. In the old way it is called – understanding and application of DILIGENCE. Our Center gives everyone an opportunity to get their own experience of courtesy, which anticipates from further mistakes in life and, what is very important, in the process of training helps to erase information traces of past mistakes in the archival structures of the subconscious.
As a result of working on mistakes, there is an opportunity to break the imposed interaction with dark egregors and entities. These parasitic connections, which take a lot of strength and energy, because of which we constantly find ourselves in certain “checking” situations, are imposed on us because of the presence of mistakes made once. Having overcome the consequences of mistakes it is necessary to consciously stop interaction with dark structures, choosing the light and harmonious side of life. Guaranteed, so-called “breaking of contracts” with dark parasitic entities parasitizing on us is carried out according to certain rules together with our specialists.


Additional bonuses from us are:

  • increasing the level of vital energy without special technical devices;
  • acquiring a basic understanding of how to preserve and apply a high level of vital energy;
  • gaining confidence in your own strength and abilities;
  • gaining conscious interaction with your light helpers.


(each living person has his/her light helpers – but how to interact with them? – it is necessary to know and be able to interact with them).

There is one more important aspect of working over mistakes. It is preparation for the change of dimensionality. By the way, a normal attitude to this event should also be brought up. The thing is that knowledge about how to leave this life correctly is hidden now and people do not understand such processes at all.

So “work on mistakes” is an important part of this “non-trivial” process. A person who has not freed himself from the weight of past unconscious mistakes will not be able to accumulate the necessary energy potential for this “super-important” process before the “change of dimensionality”. And without energy potential the Soul will not be able to overcome low-vibrational layers of the Earth’s astral and will be “caught” in the corresponding layers for working out especially heavy vices (unconscious lessons). And the worst thing is that she will not be able to get out of it on her own because of the lack of energy for that.

So the potential that was stored for the correct transition to another density of being has already been wasted during the incorrect “change of dimensionality”. This is the very “hell” described in the Christian scriptures – the Soul will be locked in a limited space alone with its worries about lessons not passed for hundreds and thousands of earth years. “Frying pans with devils” is not there, but the very understanding that you have made a mistake and now you will be locked “between heaven and earth” for an unknown amount of time, and maybe you will never get out at all – suppresses until some advanced descendant will not begin to deal with their lessons not passed and will want to help the Souls of their ancestors to get out of those places. But such events require a high level of preparation and high energy of the presenter – participation of specialists having such experience.

In our Center we prepare such specialists too. It is true that there are not very many people willing to do so – for this we need also innate genetic abilities of the Soul.

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