World of souls

What if there is no Heaven and Hell? After death we all go to the world of souls, which is well described by Mike Newton and other authors. Once there, we immediately remember our main goal – Development and immediately realize whether we have come close to it or not. The feeling of this realization is heaven or hell, which continues till the next incarnation, where the soul again tries to reach the body.

The concept of an afterlife, as described by Mike Newton and other authors, offers an intriguing perspective on the journey of souls. In this framework, the notion of Heaven and Hell transforms into a more introspective experience centered around the soul’s development. The immediate recollection of our primary purpose upon entering the world of souls adds depth to the understanding of our existence beyond physical life. The dichotomy of heaven or hell being contingent on our proximity to our developmental goals introduces an element of self-awareness and accountability.

This perspective prompts contemplation on the nature of our goals and the progress made toward them during our earthly existence. It raises questions about the criteria for determining development, the nature of the soul’s goals, and how these objectives influence the subsequent incarnations.

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