Very powerful and effective workout, 4 minutes equals to 2 hours in gym

Nitric Oxide, a naturally produced compound within the body, nourishes muscles and is liberated when oxygen levels deplete during strenuous activity, leading to that familiar muscle burn. It plays a critical role by expanding blood vessels, which increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients necessary for muscle development.

Considering our blood vessels can only hold a 90-second supply of Nitric Oxide before needing to produce more, the most effective exercise strategy is to engage each major muscle group for 90 seconds. By doing so, you are utilizing your body’s NO storage to its full potential for muscle toning and growth.

The human body can regenerate Nitric Oxide approximately every two hours, allowing for several bursts of NO release throughout the day. Hence, periodic brief workouts are the optimal approach for bolstering muscle functionality.

The Four Minute Workout is a convenient, free, and flexible regimen that engages your body’s 16 largest muscle groups. Regardless of your location, company, or attire, this workout can be easily integrated into your daily routine, providing an ideal starting point for body toning and overall fitness enhancement.

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