Birch Tincture

Birch Tincture can help with

  • Sinusitis, bronchitis, papillomas are completely cured in at least 14 days,
  • joint pain is significantly reduced, but the procedure can last up to 49 days. For arthritis, compression pads are applied abundantly soaked in this infusion twice a day.
  • In women’s diseases.
  • Highly effective in the treatment of osteomyelitis.
  • Removes parasites from the body.
  • Effectively get rid of toothache.


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Birch Tincture helps to cure osteomyelitis

Osteomyelitis is an inflammatory disease caused by putrefactive bacteria, such as Staphylococcus

Starting from the end of 2022, based on medical alcohol and Birch Hydrolat, we prepared an infusion of birch buds for one month and tried it on the first patient with Osteomyelitis.

Alexander Mikhaylovich Krupenchenkov, Revda, Sverdlovsk Oblast, suffered from osteomyelitis for more than 22 years, and no surgical operation helped. In his youth, he pierced his heel with a rusty nail, and a streptococcal infection entered, triggering this severe purulent disease at the site of the puncture.

By treating the site of suppuration with an infusion of birch buds for one month, osteomyelitis was cured. Alexander Krupenchenkov no longer uses crutches, and the memory of this terrible disease has faded.

You can read a detailed interview with Alexander’s wife, Olesya Krupenchenkova, at this link.

Olesya Krupenchikova cured her husband’s 22-year osteomyelitis with Prof. V. S. Kralin’s birch bud tincture

Similarly, the following patients were cured of Osteomyelitis: 2. Ilyasov Ilya Matveevich, Yekaterinburg

  1. Titov Kirill, Chelyabinsk
  2. Khabarov Leonid Vasilievich, Yekaterinburg
  3. Arkhipov Nikolay Ivanovich, Tyumen
  4. Sinitsyn Andrey Ivanovich, Kemerovo
  5. Yakupov Ilshat Shakiryanovich, Ufa


There are at least a dozen more people who have successfully cured Osteomyelitis with the help of an infusion of birch buds.

Birch Tincture an effective remedy for sinusitis

Sinusitis, inflammation of the paranasal sinuses in the nasal cavity, is a fairly common infectious disease that is effectively treated with an infusion of birch buds and, fortunately, is cured once and for all, just like osteomyelitis and many other infectious diseases.

The treatment procedure is simple and takes from 3 days to 14 days, depending on individual characteristics of the person’s body. A cotton swab, previously soaked in a birch tincture, is abundantly moistened in the nasal cavity (intensively and repeatedly) at least three times a day, every day.

As soon as a person feels that sinusitis is disappearing, the use of the remedy is stopped, and the person himself senses that sinusitis has disappeared forever.

More than 100 people have cured sinusitis with the help of our birch bud infusion. Here are some of them:

1. Kralina Olga Alexandrovna, Revda
2. Sinitsina Anastasia Mikhailovna, Revda
3. Sinitsin Andrey Ivanovich, Revda
4. Erden Tsokhgt, Ulan Bator, Mongolia
5. Kralin Svyatoslav Viktorovich, St. Petersburg
6. Gogoleva Elena Vitalievna, St. Petersburg
7. Utkin Nikolay Stanislavovich, Vyborg
8. Belousova Klaudia Konstantinovna, Yekaterinburg
9. Dryagin Konstantin Alexandrovich, Revda
10. Zlygosteva Elena Alexandrovna, Revda
11. Mikhaylova Ekaterina Ivanovna, Yekaterinburg
12. Kochnev Alexey Ivanovich, Yekaterinburg
13. Solovyeva Vera Vladimirovna, Tyumen
14. Dryagin Sergey Alexandrovich, Revda
15. Semkov Vadim Sergeyevich, Revda

What is birch tincture?

Birch Tincture is a natural antibiotic that has no negative consequences for humans and harmoniously affects the human body. In our more than a hundred examples of people being cured, not a single negative result has been observed.

  • vitamin PP,
  • saponins,
  • flavonoids,
  • essential oils,
  • resinous substances,
  • alkaloids,
  • carotene,
  • tannins and others.

Articles about Birch Tincture:

Olesya Krupenchikova cured her husband’s 22-year osteomyelitis with Prof. V. S. Kralin’s birch bud tincture. Traditional methods failed, but the remedy applied to the wound showed improvement in three weeks, eliminating suppuration and necrosis. Birch Tincture According to the New Technology of prof. V.S.Kralin

Tincture of Birch buds on birch hydrolate Report of Professor V.S.Kralin about Tincture of Birch buds

Aruba Wellness Center offers natural remedies by Victor Kralin. Birch bud tincture, cedar sap and oil to strengthen immunity, rejuvenate cells, remove toxins, antioxidize, and fight disease. Read article

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Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences, «Honored Inventor of Russia», full member of the ANNO «International Academy of Sciences», member of the Academic Council of the ANNO «International Academy of Sciences», full member of the research group «Prometheus», representative of the «Aruba Wellness Center» (Center for the Development of Health and Longevity) in Russia Viktor Sergeyevich Kralin

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The history of Professor Viktor Kralin’s mother’s healing

On January 28, 2016, I returned from Zabaykalsky, and when I saw my mother, who was confined to bed due to the amputation of one of her legs, a result of over 30 years of severe illness, Diabetes. On her back, I found horrifying bleeding ulcers resembling bedsores.

Even for someone like me, not easily frightened by such sights, these years-long ulcers I witnessed left a gruesome impression. Exactly a day later, I traveled 300 km to the ecologically clean settlement of Signaly, near the city of Kachkanar, to my colleague and partner Roman Pestrikov. In just a couple of days, I constructed a mini-drying chamber with an electric heat fan and obtained, over several days, Larch Hydrosol and Birch Hydrosol.

As it was not possible to obtain or buy birch buds in early February 2016, I cut birch branches, let them sprout until swollen. Next, I infused these birch buds in vodka, and after 30 days of readiness, around mid-March 2016, I started treating my mother’s bedsores by rubbing this infusion into the ulcers on her back, which began to heal literally on the tenth day.

After 20-30 days, when the district nurse came for an inspection, she was extremely surprised. How did you manage to grow baby skin on your mother’s back? Since then, my mom simply forgot about the ulcers and bedsores that had once tormented her.

In 2018, this information reached Nurse Olga Alexandrovna Dryagina through neighbors, and she healed bedsores on her patient’s back using a similar method. This tincture with birch buds began to be used to treat elderly bedridden women in the city of Revda, Sverdlovsk Oblast.

An even more mystical case occurred with Olga Alexandrovna Dryagina’s son, who was using crutches due to acute Osteomyelitis (Alexander Mikhailovich Krupenchenkov). A vision came to me in a dream that this disease, which he had suffered 20 years earlier, would be cured by the Tincture of Birch Buds.

In the same way, by burying the infusion of Birch Buds in purulent wounds, dozens of other patients with chronic Osteomyelitis recorded in the medical records of the Central Clinical Hospital 23 in Yekaterinburg were cured.

In my opinion, as a scientist, professor, HONORED INVENTOR OF RUSSIA, AND AUTHOR OF OVER 150 PATENTS OF RUSSIA, the Tincture of Birch Buds is a powerful natural antibiotic that unquestionably kills bacteria such as staphylococcus and others without causing any negative consequences for the human body. At least, during our many years of research, we have not found any negative effects.

Not less than a hundred positive results of successful treatment of sinusitis have been achieved, and patients have forgotten about it forever. In case the disease returns, as it is transmitted by airborne droplets, the treatment involves the reprocessing of the nasal cavity with the Tincture of Birch Buds.

The conclusions I have drawn after many years of research since 2010 are that there is nothing better than living nature. This is confirmed by hundreds, without exaggeration, of positive examples on the human skin, especially on the face, neck, hands, chest, without any allergic reactions.

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